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Professional Diagnostic & Consultation Services

Evaluate and Litigate medical-related legal issues with the help of diagnostic and consultation services from Forensic Dimensions. We use data and samples to assess the cause of disability, injury, or death.

Scale of Justice - Diagnostic Services

Pathology Diagnostic Services

Determine if the medical diagnoses are correct with our pathology diagnostic services. We collect and analyze tissue, blood, and urine samples from the biopsy or autopsy to ascertain what disease or injury the patient had. With these samples, we evaluate tissue changes and determine if the patient's trauma was from natural causes or a physical, chemical, or environmental agent. Our experts are able to use these findings to clarify medicolegal issues throughout the litigation process.

Forensic Consultation Services

Get objective analysis of forensic evidence that is able to be presented to strengthen your court case. We offer our evaluations for cases where the veracity and accuracy of the forensic scientific data is in question. Our team is able to provide the service for both criminal and civil cases that requires independent evaluations of the factual forensic data and the opinions formed based on the data. We work hard to ensure that all forensic data is presented in adherence to the accepted principles of scientific methodology.

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