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Clinical Medical Evaluations & Peer Reviews

Ensure that the data pertaining to your medicolegal case has been generated and analyzed on a manner consistent with accepted standards utilizing medical evaluations and Peer Review services from Forensic Dimensions. Our medical and forensic experts analyze every aspect of your case in order to determine the accuracy of the data and scientific veracity of the conclusions and opinions rendered from that data.

Medical Evaluations

Find the truth behind patient abuse or injuries with our medical evaluations. We are able to assess different aspects of the situation to determine the role a patient's trauma or incident may play in legal issues. Our experts analyze the distribution and character of injuries to the body, study the effects of the injuries on the ability of the individual to function, and assess injury patterns.

We consider both the acute changes of traumatic forces and the effects of trauma over a period of time, relating to how the injury heals, and the disabilities that may result from that injury.

Peer Reviews

Analyze the accuracy, quality, and appropriateness of the medical diagnosis and treatment provided in your particular case by the clinician or the pathologist. Our physician reviewers analyze the procedures utilized in the formulation of a final diagnosis in the setting of autopsy, tissue diagnostic or laboratory pathology. These reviews can be particularly important in forensic pathology, involving medico-legal determinations, where the cause and manner of a death may carry significant legal, as well as medcial, implications.

Person Writing - Medical Evaluations
Cases that are referred to us are reviewed by our panel of pathologists and scientists in the appropriate disciplines to provide an objective opinion with scientific veracity of findings and opinions based upon the available data. We ascertain that the conclusions made by the medical examiner or coroner pathologist meet reasonable and acceptable scientific certainty.

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