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Expert Forensic Services

Get accurate, unbiased opinions on your scientific data with forensic medical & pathology services from Forensic Dimensions. We are a private medical practice that serves clients throughout the United States and Internationally. Clients in the legal community are able to trust us for reliable analysis of causes of injuries, disabilities, and deaths.

Forensic Services

Our experts analyze, interpret, and utilize forensic evidence in the courtroom and in the context of specific cases. Since we are outside of law enforcement and government agencies, we are able to provide an affordable, unbiased alternative to crime laboratories and medical examiners. We provide services in many areas of forensic medicine including:

• Medical Autopsy Evaluations for Cause
  & Mechanism of Death
• Consultative Services for Medico-Legal
• Clinical Medical Evaluations for Cause &
  Mechanism of Injury
• Peer Review Analysis for Forensic Pathology
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